September 27, 2016




Andean Identities was born from a very personal encounter of MUNAY with an Andean village in Cusco called Ocutuan, only 20 minutes away by taxi from the Chinchero market. This project came together through the committed  work and will of both MUNAY and the community. The collective had a porpuse bigger than themselves: the will to leave Ocutuan a transcendent contribution to this community. A piece of work that not only represented our identity as Peruvians but also helped us to understand and experience a different way of sharing our native land. New external efforts added up on the way with the same compromise. Finally, we were able to build up a group formed by a variety of professionals, that, led by an humanitarian attitude, decided by volunteering to get themselves to work. Having gathered a small budget and with very limited resources, MUNAY managed to arrive for the first time to Ocutuan in April of 2015.


Andean Identities detailed project.PDF