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Andean Identities

Photographic and audiovisual project in an Andean community in the highlands of Peru. Find out how we worked together building Ocutuan village a website and creating alternatives for their sustainable development. Wanna visit Ocutuan? Let us take you there!


It’s a photographic journey through Peruvian roots in various scenarios. We create a visual link between the old ways of living and today’s world, with the aim of gaining a visual tool to fight prejudice and misconceptions.


Munay’s compilation of memorable instants captured through the lenses of our photographers in their journeys around Latin America. Discover with us a bit of Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay Argentina and Cuba. Welcome to our international portfolio.


This is an on going project with an Asháninka community in the central jungle of Peru. We learn and portrait their traditions and culture to share them with you. We’re also starting a project together, to help them get access to drinkable water and other basic needs.

we are munay


MUNAY gathers a diverse group of professionals with a strong commitment towards society. We chase after the dream of using our work to contribute in a small or big way to people, communities and organizations that have the everyday chore of protecting their culture and safeguarding their identity. MUNAY projects and joined efforts keep us on the go, involved and highly motivated to continue working for the people that have opened their doors to us. We have given ourselves the main task of going after those stories that deserve to be shown and shared. We want to provide a space to learn and explore different sociopolitical realities and hopefully become a visual voice to the voiceless and a bridge to bring people closer together. We use the visual arts to bring you those stories that have caught our interest and touched our hearts. The andean Munay, the will of love, love for culture, activism and constant learning is the concept that has brought us together. However, MUNAY was born in Peru, and we are in the pursuit of a universal dialogue. Arts sensitize people, curiosity enriches the mind, and MUNAY is lead by its honest wish to see the world with fresh eyes and free of preconceptions. We work to see a world where our differences only lead us to see how similar we are.

munay people

Get to know our team, explore their individual work.
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Yirka Roldan

Photographer and writer
Our highly intrepid ¨BlackSheep¨ has combined her two years of travels in south america with her passion for documental photogtaphy and writing. Her sociological insight and her 8 years of experience in humanitarian work, nourish our projects with the strong social approach MUNAY is meant to have.
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Andres Trigo

Photographer and SysAdmin
The wise ¨Owl¨ has arrived to stay! His knowledge in informatics and web developing, makes possible that MUNAY reaches you and all people interested, in a dynamic, fresh and fun way. Besides his photographic skills and the rock and roll, Andres adds to our projects that adventurous Uruguayan style straight from the South.
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Roxanne Fyfe

Anthropological Support
The always dynamic Roxanne has come to Munay with a wide knowledge of Latin american culture, work experience with indigenous communities and providing a great anthropological support to Munay’s projects. Keep smiling Roxy.
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Alejandra Silvera

Communications and postproduction.
URUGUAY: The diligent Ale joins Munay with a lot of energy. His career in Communications and her documentary and journalistic projects enrich her experience. Her many travels have given her a wide view of the world and a great sensitivity with which she joins Munay for good.
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Leonardo Muñoz

Filmmaker and photographer
The very creative ¨WhiteDeer¨ has been pursuing a career in filmmaking and photography. He’s combined his over 6 years of experience on the field with his constant will to help. His wide knowledge in short films and publicity give MUNAY the artistic quote that highlights our enterprises.
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Sofia Antezana

Technical assistance photography
Versatile Sofia has accompanied MUNAY from its very beginning, her photos, her knowledge in gastronomy and wide experience in traveling have made her the constant support of our efforts in all MUNAY’s journeys.

"Munay is a project of international approach. It aims to bring back the value of the originary communities by showing, with great sensitivity, the things that keep their culture together. As well as their material and inmaterial patrimony." Yanet Oviedo, Art Critic from the National Art Committe of Plastic Arts of Cuba.